Choose AdSense: Make Money from Your Content

Not using AdSense yet?

In the last ten years, AdSense has helped over 2 million partners grow their businesses. Be sure to tune in on Wednesday September 11, at 11:00AM, when we’ll be hosting a special 10th Anniversary Hangout on Air  for prospective publishers. If you haven’t yet signed up for Google AdSense or would like to learn more, you should join us. We’ll demonstrate how AdSense helps you earn money from your website, allowing you focus on creating great content. Learn how AdSense: 
  • Earns you extra revenue 
  • Shows your users relevant and useful ads
  • Lets you control which ads show up on your site
  • Helps you understand what’s working and what’s not with robust reporting tools
Several publishers will also be joining us to share their AdSense experiences. Hear why they chose AdSense and how it’s helped them grow. 

Join this event page to live stream the Hangout on Air on September 11 from 11:00am - 12:00pm PDT.

Posted by Bola Akinsanya - AdSense Strategic Partnerships Team
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