For the UK: Learn how to expand your business internationally

Today, Wednesday October 27th, we’ll be hosting a live online course on international expansion opportunities for small and medium businesses in the UK using AdWords. This interactive presentation will be delivered by an Online Media Specialist and will take approximately one hour, including time for Q&A.

During the course we’ll provide you with information to help you start selling your products in other countries using AdWords and other Google tools. We’ll also talk about important things to keep in mind when advertising your products internationally.

First, we’ll have an overview of expansion opportunities in Europe and then we'll walk through different tools and practices to facilitate your business expansion. You’ll learn how to build multilingual campaigns using Export Adviser and Google Translation Kit.

The course will take approximately 1 hour today, Wednesday from 3pm - 4pm BST / GMT+1 (London).

If you're based in the UK and interested in this course, sign up now!

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