Graduation: our latest Search Story

This is part of our summer series of new Search Stories. Look for the label Search Stories and subscribe to the series. -Ed.

My dad’s family grew up in Vietnam. Even as they faced an uncertain future, they attended school, believing strongly in the value of education. So when my aunts and uncles immigrated to the U.S., they went to great lengths to make sure their sons and daughters had the best opportunities. It wasn’t always easy—learning a new language and finding a new job was a struggle at first. But through their selfless efforts, my cousins and I were able to excel in our studies and pursue college degrees.

So for this reason, and on behalf of the Search Stories team, I’m delighted to introduce our latest video, Graduation. It’s both poignant and relevant to my family’s own experiences, and I think it speaks to devoted caregivers the world over.

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