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We're pleased to announce that our Dublin-based AdSense team has just released a new webinar schedule. Over the coming months, we look forward to helping you discover how to take advantage of the full potential of your site. Choose from a range of topics, including optimisation, AdSense for search, Analytics, and Google Ad Manager, and see how you can make the most out of AdSense.

During each of these webinars, an AdSense specialist will guide you through a presentation and will be available afterward to take questions related to the topic. We've heard from previous attendees that they found our webinars worthwhile, particularly for the chance to ask questions and learn more about solutions suited to their sites. We encourage you to join us, and to let us know which webinars would interest you in the future.

The first webinar will take place tomorrow, October 14th, and will cover the essentials of optimisation. To find out more or to register today, visit our Help Center.

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