A completely new look for Drive on iOS

One of the features you’ve told us you want on Drive for iOS is the ability to effortlessly browse and preview files, just like you can on Android. Today’s update delivers that same card-style thumbnail layout, along with a number of other upgrades that make it even easier to use Drive on your iPhone or iPad.

You can toggle between the new thumbnail view and the traditional list view with just the press of a button. Plus, in this latest version of the app, files and folders are grouped more intuitively instead of being mixed together, and you can view and edit files in landscape mode.
It’s also now easier to copy the link for any Drive file (great for if you need to include it in an email, add it to a note, or text it to a friend). Just visit the details pane of the file you want and select ‘Get link’ to automatically copy the link to your clipboard. And while you're in the details pane, check out the other things you can do, like moving the file into one of your Drive folders or sharing it with a friend.
And last, we brought search to the forefront of the app so you can find the exact file you're looking for, whether you're on a small iPhone or a larger iPad. And remember, Drive search recognizes objects in your images and text in scanned documents. So the next time you’re looking for photos of that trip to the Statue of Liberty, just enter the phrase “Statue of Liberty” and your photos will appear – voilĂ !

Head over to the Apple App Store now to download the app and see it in action.

Posted by Kelvin Chan, Software Engineer


Play on, player, with the updated YouTube apps for Android and iOS

Ever wanted your YouTube mobile app to just keep on playing? Have your video play while you look for the next one, or put on a playlist and kick back? Now you have even more ways to watch the videos and channels you love with the latest YouTube apps for Android and for iOS.

More YouTube in your YouTube apps

With the swipe of a finger, you can watch a video at the bottom of your screen while you keep exploring. Think about it this way--you can watch a video about making the perfect fried chicken while searching for homemade salted caramel sauce recipes. You can always go back to full screen with a swipe up so you never lose your place, or swipe right or left to dismiss the video. Just try to not drop your phone in the sauce.

Play ALL the videos!!!

Want to sit back and watch all of Epic Rap Battles Season 2? You can now search and browse channels for playlists on mobile apps, and watch great collections of back-to-back videos. Finally, you and your friends can decide if Season 2 is better than Season 1.

Your connected TV can be your personal YouTube Jumbotron

The Cast button on YouTube already lets you send YouTube videos from your phone or tablet to your connected TV, like on Chromecast, Google TV, PlayStation 3 and other TVs. To make it easier to choose what to watch next, you’ll see a preview screen when your devices are connected and you select a video, with options to play the video to queue it up to watch next.

To wrap it all together we gave the updated YouTube apps a cleaner, simpler look that you’ll see in other apps from Google.

Matias Cudich and Waldemar Baraldi, Software Engineers, recently watched “Epic Rap Battles Season 2.”