YouTube NextUp: Collaborators Ahoy!

Back in December last year, we announced our second YouTube NextUp program and called for your most creative ideas of how to collaborate with other talented creators. And you didn’t disappoint! We were overwhelmed with the imaginative and ambitious proposals and those selected represent a spectrum of determined creators who are all taking their channels to the next level. From comedic musicals and adventures of remote-controlled cars to special effects and holistic living, some great “collabs” are coming from these creators soon. Meet all of them in this video and subscribe to their channels today:

Along with grant money and new production equipment, these 30 channels were also invited to come to the YouTube Space LA and get creating. They’ve spent this week attending production workshops, learning about how to build their audiences, and filming new and exciting collaboration videos. We put together a short video showing you what they’ve been up to:

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Here’s your invite to reuse and remix the 4 million Creative Commons-licensed videos on YouTube

Today’s guest post comes from Cathy Casserly, CEO of Creative Commons (CC), for an update on CC BY videos on YouTube.

Four million creative commons videos on YouTube are just waiting to be reused, remixed, and reimagined—more videos than anywhere else in the world.

Since the Creative Commons video library launch on YouTube a year ago, you’ve added more than 40 years’ worth of video to the mix. Anyone, anywhere can edit, build on and republish the library’s videos for free thanks to the Creative Commons Attribution license, otherwise known as CC BY.

Do you need a professional opening for your San Francisco vacation video? Perhaps some gorgeous footage of the moon for your science project? How about a squirrel eating a walnut to accompany your hot new dubstep track? All of this and more is available to inspire and add to your unique creation. Thanks to CC BY, it’s easy to borrow footage from other people’s videos and insert it into your own, because the license grants you the specific permissions to do so as long as you give credit to the original creator.

You can pass on the creative spirit when you publish your video, by choosing the option to license it under CC BY so that others can reuse and remix your footage with the YouTube Video Editor. This is where the fun really starts. Imagine seeing your footage used by a student in Mumbai, a filmmaker in Mexico City, or a music video director in Detroit. By letting other people play with your videos, you let them into a global sandbox, kicking off a worldwide team of collaborators. We all yearn to create and contribute – now you can join the fun, and open the door to collective imagination.

Ready to start adding the CC BY license to your original YouTube videos? If you want to grant the YouTube community the right to reuse and edit your video, select “Creative Commons Attribution license” from the “License and rights ownership” menu. Starting today, you also have the option to license your future videos under CC BY as a default. For more information, visit YouTube’s Creative Commons page.

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The YouTube Fan Lounge at San Diego Comic-Con

Each year, more than 130,000 avid fans attend Comic-Con International in San Diego to meet their favorite celebs and be the first to find out about what’s new in the world of comics and pop culture. For the first time, YouTube will be present, hosting a Fan Lounge in downtown San Diego to connect fans with some of the newest channels on YouTube, featuring many Comic-Con veterans.

On Friday, July 13 and Saturday, July 14 from 11am to 9pm, the YouTube Fan Lounge – located at 315 7th Avenue at K in downtown San Diego – will be open and free to the public, with live programming, exclusive premieres, celebrity Q&A’s and, of course, free schwag! Check out some of the channels and talent you’ll see:

  • Blackbox TV featuring Tony E. Valenzuela (creator of Blackbox TV), actor Brea Grant & Zane Grant, and more. 
  • Geek & Sundry featuring Felicia Day, Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt
  • Nerdist featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Tournament of Nerds with Justin Donaldson and Hal Rudnick
  • Machinima Prime featuring Anna Popplewell (The Chronicles of Narnia), Tom Green (Dance Academy), Daniel Cudmore (X2, X-Men: The Last Stand, The Twilight Saga) and more. 
  • Stan Lee’s World of Heroes featuring Stan Lee himself, Jace Hall (The Jace Hall Show), Bonnie Burton (Author, Star Wars Craft Book), Adrianne Curry (America’s Next Top Model) and more. 
  • Warner Brothers debuts H+ The Digital Series – a riveting, futuristic series from producer Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects / X-Men: First Class) – followed by a Q&A with Alexis Denisof (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), David Clayton Rogers (Jane by Design), Sean Gunn (Gilmore Girls), and more. 
  • Plus other exciting programming from Shut Up! Cartoons, Mondo, MyDamnChannel, and LOUD
If you’re planning on being in San Diego this week, check out our full schedule at Be sure to share your experience on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook with the hashtag #YouTubeFanLounge – you may even see your comments get featured on our live conversation feed this Friday and Saturday. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the channels for real-time video updates, recaps, and even more great shows in the coming weeks. 

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And the Next Causes are...

Last month we announced YouTube Next Cause: a new program designed to help nonprofit organizations that are already changing the world better use online video to drive action.

We were honored, inspired and deeply moved by many of the applications we received.

We are proud to introduce you to some members of the first class of YouTube Next Cause: 20 organizations who’ve demonstrated passion and huge potential for using YouTube to further their causes.

The organizations come from big cities and small towns across the country from Illinois to Colorado to Texas to California and many work all over the world. They also work on variety of issues from animal abuse to homelessness to poverty alleviation to children’s health.

 Check out these great organizations:


Autism Speaks
Children's Hospital Boston
IFAW - International Fund for Animal Welfare
Sunlight Foundation
American Heart Association
American Foundation for Equal Rights
Malaria No More
The Humane Society of the United States
The Pablove Foundation
COTS - Committee on the Shelterless
Durango Discovery Museum
Save Mount Diablo
Art Resources in Teaching
Per Scholas
The Supply
Born Free USA
The Lazarex Cancer Foundation

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates from the YouTube Next Cause channels, and learn more about other programs helping partners grow at the YouTube Creator Hub.

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After NextUp, Next Chef and Next Trainer, What’s Next? You tell us!

One of the most rewarding projects I worked on in 2011 was the Next Creator program (comprised of YouTube NextUp, YouTube Next Chef, and YouTube Next Trainer). These programs worked to catapult 91 content creators’ careers across 15 different countries, by providing them with production and audience development training, new video equipment, promotion, and mentoring from DeStorm, FreddieWMichelle and Billy Blanks.

But what’s next for the Next Creator program? There are still millions of creators who could benefit from participating in the program, so we’re excited to continue to expand the program further. That’s where you come in — we'd like to hear which type of content we should launch for the next round. Maybe you're a budding beauty guru and want to see YouTube Next Beautician; or, perhaps you're a habitual big personality vlogger and have been waiting for YouTube Next Vlogger.

Whatever you want to see next, let us know by voting on some categories and by suggesting your own here. You may vote and submit as many as you’d like before February 19th. We'll then evaluate the top-voted suggestions and bring some of these to you this year!

2012 is going to be an incredibly exciting year for YouTube creators. Stay tuned for more initiatives that will empower you to take your YouTube career to the next level — coming very soon!

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Edit your videos with YouTube

Until now, when you uploaded to YouTube, your video was hosted and shared, but couldn’t really be changed. If you wanted to trim off the end, swap out the soundtrack, or add an effect, you had to edit your video using a separate program and upload again.

Starting today, you can edit your uploaded videos right on YouTube and maintain the same video IDs. This means you keep your view count and comments, and all existing links to your video will continue to work. No re-uploading necessary!

Here’s how it works: just click
Edit video on the video’s page or on your My Videos page:
You can stabilize your hand-held footage, rotate a video, and boost the contrast and colors. Try “I’m Feeling Lucky” for 1-click color correction:

Or if you’re looking for a more dramatic change, try one of our effects (developed in collaboration with our friends at Picnik):
Click Save to begin processing the edits to your video. And if you don’t like the new version, fear not: you can revert to the original and save again. You can also save your edits into a new video and try out multiple versions. Note that popular videos with over 1,000 views and videos with third-party content can only be saved as new videos once edited (learn more).

Here’s a quick video showing what you can do:

We’ll be rolling this out to all users globally over the course of the day. We know you want your videos to look their best, and we’re excited to see what you come up with using YouTube video editing!

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