AdWords Hangouts on Air series - Answering your most frequently asked questions

Wonder what to do when you can’t find your ad? Or how to diagnose the cause of a performance fluctuation?

We’re introducing a new Hangout on Air series on the Google Ads +Page where AdWords specialists from the 866-2-GOOGLE support team will discuss many of the issues you contact us about most frequently.

On November 8 at 11 AM PDT, the AdWords experts will help you identify reasons your ads might not always appear to users. And then on November 15 at 11 AM PDT, we’ll talk about how to discover what causes spikes and dips in your AdWords traffic.

To join the Hangouts, just sign into Google+ and add the Google Ads +Page to your circles. Each week we’ll put up a post soliciting your questions. Then, on Thursday, navigate to your Stream where you’ll be able to view our Hangout live with just one click.

See you there!

Posted by Courtney Pannell & Divya Vishwanath, AdWords support team