Learn with Google Webinar: VOD on YouTube

78% of online video viewing in the UK is on YouTube, which makes it an excellent platform for VOD. But what are the best ways to maximize it and make it work for your business?

We will cover how to run your TV ad on YouTube in two easy ways - running it on YouTube Homepage to deliver incremental reach and using TrueView InStream formats to deliver scale and engagement. We will also explain how to effectively add YouTube to your TV schedule. This webinar is specifically designed for a TV savvy audience who values the importance of reach and frequency to ensure maximum impact of VOD campaigns.

You can also view the upcoming webinars, as well as previous recordings, on google.co.uk/ads/webinars

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Learn with Google Webinar: VOD on YouTube

Tuesday 17th July, 3 pm GMT

Posted by Allison Sommer

Broadcast your business through the TV for All Contest

Today we’re announcing the second annual TV for All contest, where your business has the opportunity to win $25,000 in national advertising with Google TV Ads and online video partner sites, including YouTube.

We originally launched this contest last year and received nearly 250 submissions.
Three winners, including Owners.com, won free TV media through Google and successfully extended their brands across the nation.

“It’s always exciting to see what other marketers think of your work,” says George Karavaras of Owners.com about why the company entered TV for All in 2009. The best part, he says, is that “it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to create a high impact TV ad through Google’s creative network.”

Now it’s your turn! Entering is easy: simply create a video ad for your business, upload it to YouTube and submit it to our TV for All YouTube Channel between September 15th and October 12th. If you don't have a video ad or the tools to create one, professional tools by SpotMixer will be available for free to help you make a polished ad in just minutes.

Three winners whose ads best exemplify creativity and a compelling message will receive $25K, $15K, or $10K in national TV and online video advertising using Google AdWords.

If you've never promoted your business using TV and video, the TV for All contest is your chance to get started. For more details and to enter the contest, visit www.youtube.com/tvforall.

DIRECTV partners with Google TV Ads

Google TV Ads Summit Recap

Last week, we hosted the 2nd annual Google TV Ads Summit in Google's New York offices. This event brought together over 200 industry professionals, thought leaders and executives from the world of TV advertising and media. We've posted a highlight reel and photos to give you an inside look at the event. Exciting conversations and themes that emerged from the event focused on doing more with less, using data to make decisions and utilizing new media to connect with audiences beyond television. Read more about this event on our Traditional Media Blog.

New Free TV Ad Creation Solution

Now it's easier and more affordable to advertise your business on national television and reach new customers from within your AdWords account. 

Google TV Ads has partnered with SpotMixer to bring advertisers a new, free ad creation service. This means you can create your own TV commercial from a library of free images, audio and video content, or your own uploaded content. Simply access this service from the Submit Ad page when creating your Google TV Ads campaign.

To learn more and watch a demo video, check out the blog post on the Traditional Media Blog.

Google TV Ads program targeting enhancements

Today, we announced new improvements to the Google TV ads program targeting feature. With program targeting, you can reach more customers when your message is most relevant, which means you're more likely to see better results.

Simply enter a keyword related to your product or service, and we'll provide you with a list of relevant TV programs to choose from. You can access this feature during the 'Target Campaign' step when setting up a TV campaign.

To learn more about how this works and to watch a demo video, check out the blog post on the Traditional Media Blog.

Google TV Ads Announces New Partnerships

Today, we announced two strategic partnerships that will make it easier for advertisers to manage their Google TV Ads media buys within their existing systems.

For advertisers who use CoreDirect, our partnership with COREMedia Systems will allow you to view your Google TV Ads sales and response data next to your other media buys and results within CoreDirect.

In addition, our partnership with Harris Corporation will help make more inventory available to Google TV Ads advertisers, helping them expand their reach to more potential customers.

For the latest news from Google TV Ads, please see the announcements on our Traditional Media blog.

Google TV Ads partnering with Bloomberg TV

Today, we announced that we're partnering with Bloomberg TV to offer their national inventory to advertisers through the Google TV Ads platform. Bloomberg TV is a 24-hour business and financial news channel, reaching over 54 million households in the US.

This builds on our partnership with NBCU, announced earlier this month, and will provide advertisers with broader audience reach and access to desirable viewer demographics. Starting later this year, Google TV Ads advertisers will have access to premium inventory on Bloomberg TV, so stay tuned for further announcements. Currently, advertisers can target Bloomberg TV through our DISH Network inventory available on the Google TV Ads platform. Our partnership with Bloomberg TV means that advertisers will be able to reach all Bloomberg TV viewers in the US.

For more details on our partnership with Bloomberg TV, please see the announcement on on our Traditional Media blog.

Google & NBC Universal partnering up

Today, Google announced a strategic partnership with NBC Universal in which NBCU will offer a limited amount of advertising inventory across all days and times on several of its cable networks. Advertisers using Google TV Ads will be able to place their ads on CNBC, Sci-Fi Network, MSNBC, Oxygen, Sleuth and Chiller starting in early 2009.

Read the full details of the partnership in the blog post on our Traditional Media blog. You can also read about how other advertisers are finding success with Google TV Ads, and check out our product demo to learn how to launch your own TV campaign.

We'll also be holding a free webinar that will cover tips on how Google TV Ads can help drive more web traffic and increase your sales volume, turning TV viewers into your customers. The webinar will be held October 1st at 10AM PST, and you can sign up here to reserve your spot.

Upcoming traditional media webinars

In preparation for the upcoming back-to-school season, our Traditional Media team will host two free webinars specifically for retailers gearing up for the Fall shopping rush. During the sessions, we will provide some insight into who is shopping, and how you can target back-to-school consumers with any of our three traditional media products: Print Ads, Audio Ads, and TV Ads. For more detailed information on the webinars, you can visit the Traditional Media blog.

The first session will be this Thursday, July 10th, at 10:00AM PDT, and the second will take place Wednesday, July 23rd -- also at 10:00AM PDT. To sign up for either session, visit the webinar registration page.