AdWords Express is now available through My Client Center

As AdWords Express continues to grow (now available internationally in 15 countries), our AdWords Premier SMB Partners have asked us to make it easier for them to tap into AdWords Express for their clients. We’re happy to announce that starting today, these partners, along with agencies and other third parties, can create and manage AdWords Express accounts at scale through My Client Center (MCC).

Using AdWords Express via MCC can save agencies and other third parties time and overhead by eliminating day-to-day management for local, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). AdWords Express complements existing AdWords services provided by agencies today by offering them a new option to help SMBs get started quickly with online marketing. Third parties can now create new accounts by simply selecting ‘AdWords Express’ through the MCC. Get more details and instructions on using AdWords Express through MCC in the AdWords Express Help Center.

Steve Curry, President and CEO of, a site serving millions of Canadians, has the following to say about AdWords Express:

"We have been using AdWords Express through MCC in a beta trial and have found it to be very simple to set up. Since AdWords Express doesn't need ongoing account optimization, it's a great tool for us to be able to efficiently deliver a valuable advertising solution to our SMB advertisers.” 

For more resources on My Client Center and other tools to effectively manage large accounts at scale, visit the AdWords Help Center.

New My Client Center features: email notifications and custom alerts

For those of you who use My Client Center (MCC) to manage your client accounts, we’re launching two new features to help you stay on top of critical notifications and alerts about your accounts.

Email notifications
As we make this feature available over the next few weeks, you’ll be able to manage which email notifications you receive about your client accounts. From the My Account tab, click 'Notification settings' then the ‘My Client Settings’ tab to edit settings for email alerts about billing issues, campaign updates, and disapproved ads. These alerts will be emailed to the email address associated with the Google Account you’ve used to sign in to your MCC.

Custom alerts
In the past, to create custom alerts for your client AdWords accounts you had to sign into each account directly. The new MCC custom alerts allow you to create alerts at the MCC level from your single MCC login. To create alerts at the MCC level, click the ‘Custom alerts’ button from your MCC dashboard.

Please note that alerts you create when you’re signed in with your MCC login are associated with your MCC login email address and won't be accessible when you or your client sign in at the client account level. Learn more about creating and managing custom alerts within client accounts.

To let us know what you think of these new features, click the ‘Send feedback’ link in your account.

Changes to reporting in My Client Center

For those of you who use My Client Center (MCC) to manage your client accounts, we’re introducing a new interface for the Client Reporting tab. Over the last few months, we’ve developed a new reporting interface to help you get your reports faster, easier, and more securely.

These changes will only affect reporting for MCC users. If you use the AdWords Reports Center in an individual AdWords account, see our earlier post to learn about the reports that have moved to the Campaigns tab.

Key features of the new interface
  • No more templates: We’ve removed templates. Each report today can be the basis for a different report. Just click ‘Create Similar’ next to the report, and you’ll create a new report based on the one you just selected.
  • Faster report generation: We’ve built new infrastructure that allows you to create complex reports more quickly and easily.
  • More reports: We’ve increased the number of reports you can store from 15 to 100. Now you can build many customized reports to meet your unique needs.
  • Increased security: To allow you to better control who receives your reports, we’ve changed the level of access for emailed reports. With the new interface, only email addresses that were invited to the account can receive emailed reports. You can modify the access levels by clicking ‘Account Access’ in the My Account tab. Learn more.
To learn more about all of the new features, visit the Help Center.

Migrating from the old interface:
Over the coming weeks, you’ll see a message in the old interface inviting you to switch over and experiment with the new interface. The old interface will still be completely functional, and all of your previous reports will continue to work.

When we start migrating your reports, you’ll be redirected to the new reporting interface when you click on the Client Reporting tab. Once this happens, you’ll be able to see your reports in the old interface, but you won’t be able to create new reports or modify scheduled reports. You’ll also notice that your scheduled reports will be generated twice – in both the old and new interface. You can delete reports from the old interface to stop seeing duplicate reports.

If you send scheduled reports to email recipients, we’ve introduced a way to give you more control over who receives your new reports via email. Only email address invited to the account will be able to receive emailed reports.

At the end of the transition to the new reporting interface we’ll remove the link to the old interface, reports scheduled through the old interface will no longer run, and you’ll need to schedule emailed reports using the new interface.

How to prepare
We recommend experimenting with the new reports available in the Campaigns tab of any individual AdWords account. You can also take a tour of these new reporting tools in the AdWords Online Classroom. Once the new reporting interface is available in your MCC, you can try out the new features and start creating reports. To learn more, visit the Help Center.

To let us know what you think of these changes, click the ‘Send feedback’ link in your account.

Posted by Omry Pruzan, Product Manager, My Client Center

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