Announcing a new Hangout on Air series: enhanced campaigns

Enhanced campaigns have arrived, featuring bid adjustments, updates to ad extensions, and more options for location and device targeting. We’re here to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to continue your success as you upgrade and migrate your campaigns.

Over the next seven weeks, Google specialists will host live Hangouts on Air to provide insight into the following topics on enhanced campaigns:

March 13th at 11 AM PDT: Overview & Bid Adjustments

March 27th at 11 AM PDT: Campaign Management & Strategies for Upgrading

April 10th at 11 AM PDT: Location Targeting & Ad Extension Updates

April 24th at 11 AM PDT: Smarter Mobile Ads

To join the Hangouts, just sign into Google+ and add the Google Ads +Page to your circles. Then, on Wednesday, navigate to your Stream where you’ll be able to view our Hangout live with just one click.  See you there!

Posted by Courtney Pannell & Kaylyn Frazier, AdWords Support

Education and training opportunities this week

With the holidays rapidly approaching, check out our lineup of educational opportunities this week to maximize your advertising effectiveness through the end of the year:
  • Grab your eggnog for the last Learn with Google webinar of the season. On Wednesday, December 12th at 10:00AM PST, join us for the final session in our Remarketing Series to learn how to use Google Analytics to target website visitors interested in your products and services in the new year. Get more info and register now: 
  • Looking for an edge during the Holidays?  Join us on December 13th at 11:00AM PST and learn how to create stand-out ads during the competitive holiday season.  Get more info here:
  • Attention EMEA!  We are hosting a Holiday Hangout on Air on December 13th at 11:00AM GMT. Join us at this special time to learn how to get your ads ready for the Holiday season.  Get more info and register now:
Hope to see you there, and make sure to stay tuned for additional education and training as we close out 2012!

Posted by Rob Newton, Inside Adwords Blog Team.

Build your digital brand with Google+ Webinar

The Google+ platform provides a fresh canvas to build and strengthen your digital brand while tying into all the marketing you already do with Google. From launching a new product using Google+ pages to engaging with your community of enthusiasts over Hangouts, join our Learn with Google webinar this Thursday for a look at ways your company can build its brand using social. Sign up on our webinar page to attend: Building a Digital Brand with Google+ (Thurs, Dec 6, 10am PT / 1pm ET)

After the Hangout, we’ll host a live Q&A with members of the Google+ team to answer questions about building a brand with Google+. RSVP on the Google+ Event page and add your questions as comments on that page.

With more than 100 monthly million active Google+ users, the time is now to focus on building your digital brand presence via the platform. Google+ has seen a wealth of brands engaging with users in creative, interactive ways. Brands created more than 1 million Google+ pages in just the last few months. For instance:
  • H&M -- The retail clothing company, with more than 2 million Google+ followers, uses tailored content, images and video to bring its fashions to life on the platform. They’ve utilized Ripples to identify their trendsetters and saw a 22% boost in clickthrough rate after implementing social extensions in AdWords.
  • Cadbury -- The chocolate maker has built a following of nearly 3 million users with a combination of creative posts, Hangouts on Air and even the launch of their Dairy Milk Bubbly bar. They’ve also installed the Google+ badge on the company’s web homepage, making it easy as chocolate to follow the brand.
Like the ideas here? Log on Thursday to learn more about how to create, capture and sustain demand for your brand using Google+. And if you’re going to miss this while you’re at SMX Social in Las Vegas, check back at the webinars page later for a recording.

AdWords Hangouts on Air series - Answering your most frequently asked questions

Wonder what to do when you can’t find your ad? Or how to diagnose the cause of a performance fluctuation?

We’re introducing a new Hangout on Air series on the Google Ads +Page where AdWords specialists from the 866-2-GOOGLE support team will discuss many of the issues you contact us about most frequently.

On November 8 at 11 AM PDT, the AdWords experts will help you identify reasons your ads might not always appear to users. And then on November 15 at 11 AM PDT, we’ll talk about how to discover what causes spikes and dips in your AdWords traffic.

To join the Hangouts, just sign into Google+ and add the Google Ads +Page to your circles. Each week we’ll put up a post soliciting your questions. Then, on Thursday, navigate to your Stream where you’ll be able to view our Hangout live with just one click.

See you there!

Posted by Courtney Pannell & Divya Vishwanath, AdWords support team

Take your social strategy to the next level with Learn with Google Hangouts and Webinars

Over the next few weeks, we’re offering five opportunities to learn more about Google+ for your business. We kick off with a Learn with Google Hangout on Air with bestselling author +Chris Brogan on November 5th at 10am PT / 1pm ET. Chris will cover tactics for successful social marketing and discuss his new book, “Google+ for Business: How Google's Social Network Changes Everything.” RSVP for the Hangout on the Google+ Event page.

Learn Chris’s recipes for how to grow and engage your Google+ community to build your brand and drive your business’s visibility and conversions. Hear about Chris’s own experiences helping companies succeed in their content marketing and social projects. Chris Brogan is a New York Times bestselling author, CEO of Human Business Works, and advises companies on marketing, business strategy, communications and more.

If you have a question for Chris, leave your question as a comment on the Google+ Event.

Boost your success with Google+

Want to learn more about using Google+ for your business? Sign up for our Learn with Google webinars. Here are some great upcoming webinars to help you get the most out of social for your business:

  • Social Media Best Practices for a Successful Holiday Season (Wed, Oct 31, 10am PT / 1pm ET)
  • Social that Adds Up: Performance and Measurement (Thurs, Nov 8, 10am PT / 1pm ET)
  • Supercharge your Social Media Initiatives with Video (Wed, Nov 14, 10am PT / 1pm ET)
  • Building a Digital Brand with Google+ (Thurs, Dec 6, 10am PT / 1pm ET)