A faster way to get to Docs and other Google Apps with Pack

We've invited Julie Farago and Mike Smith, Product Managers for Google Pack, to tell you about recent updates to Pack that might interest those of you who regularly use Docs and our other apps.

We think that you should be able to access your favorite web apps with the same ease and simplicity as desktop applications. Today, we took one small step in that direction.
As an option in Google Pack, you can now quickly install desktop access points to Docs, Calendar, and Gmail. These access points include placement in the start menu, shortcuts on the desktop, and a presence in add/remove programs. If you use Gmail, you can also make it your default mail handler. When you launch the apps from these access points, they run in a streamlined browser window via Google Chrome. You may have tried to customize this on your own but now it's even easier.

Try it out and tell us what you think by installing it from Pack.

Update: Thanks to so many people who have tried and installed Google Apps from Google Pack and given us feedback. We wanted to let you know that we've heard you loud and clear that you'd like Pack to support these installable Google Apps not just for the standard Gmail, Docs and Calendar, but also for the flavor of Google Apps that businesses, schools and organizations use. We can't comment on future development here, but please do stay tuned--we're working on it.