Explore the Future of Digital Marketing with Google and Industry Executives on June 4th

On Tuesday, June 4th we’ll host our annual digital leadership summit, thinkDoubleClick, with provocative conversations about the future of digital marketing and media, and you’re invited to join via live stream by registering here!

Hear executives from advertising, agencies and publishers discuss some of the big questions in digital such as:
  • How do creatives leverage, but not be overwhelmed by, technology to deliver next-generation consumer experiences?
  • What unique experiences are publishers developing that add value to consumers and advertisers alike?
  • How do CMOs best use social with other marketing channels to build strong brands?  
The full agenda for the thinkDoubleClick event is listed below.  You can join in the conversation on June 4 by using the #thinkDCLK hash and commenting during the live stream at www.youtube.com/doubleclick.

Register here for the thinkDoubleClick summit
June 4, 2013
9 am - 12:15 PDT

9:00 - 9:30 am
Connecting Digital, Accelerating Growth
9:30 - 10:00 am
The Coca-Cola Company's Liquid & Linked Marketing: How a 127-year-old company is pivoting for success in a real-time, socially-connected world

The Coca-Cola Company sells over 500 brands in 207 countries, with over 700,000 System associates and 1.8B+ servings of their beverages everyday.  Hear insights and lessons learned on how the world's most valuable brand is remaining relevant by becoming more connected, transparent and nimble in real-time.

10:00 - 10:35 am
Advertisers Must be Inventors

This year, Volkswagen and Deutsch LA partnered with Google to work on a briefto re-imagine how to build a stronger, bigger community around its brand.  In today’s connected world, telling stories alone isn’t enough; we need to create tangible value and utility to bring the brand’s promise to life. In this session the creative team from Deutsch LA will be talking about the process for developing more rewarding and shareable experience.

10:35 - 11:15 am
Time to Rethink the Marketing Mix?
Emerging trends in digital marketing -- including new ad formats, the rise of social media, and proliferation of channels -- are creating new challenges and opportunities for brand marketers. What are the key trends marketers should be concerned about -- and how should they respond? AdAge deputy editor Michael Learmonth poses the hard questions in an executive dialogue on what’s next for
brand marketing.

Fireside chat with:
11:15 am -
12: 15 pm
New and Native: Extending the Conversation
Technology has had a profound impact on the media industry. This disruption, though, has brought along significant opportunities for creative publishers to thrive. In this session we’re bringing in three executives to show how they’ve leveraged the digital revolution to deliver more engaging content and differentiated solutions to advertisers.

We look forward to seeing you on June 4th at thinkDoubleClick.

Posted by Yamini Gupta - Product Marketing Manager
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Free video ad serving in DFP Small Business, available to all publishers

Cross posted from the DoubleClick Publisher Blog

Publishers everywhere are discovering the revenue and audience growth potential of video content. As a publisher grows a video viewership on their site, selling their own ads becomes an increasingly important revenue stream. Over the past year we’ve added mobile capabilities and tested out video ad serving features to better help publishers sell advertising across all screens and formats. So today we’re excited to announce the availability of video ad serving features plus an unlimited video ad serving trial offer to all DFP Small Business publishers.

So what’s new?

Comprehensive video ad creative management
  • Show pre-roll, post-roll, and mid-roll in-stream ads, as well as overlays and companion creative sets
  • Upload and transcode video ad assets to a variety of formats
Simple workflow with trusted partners
  • To use the video ad management features, publishers need to integrate with video technology platforms to ensure optimal video ad playback and easy implementation
  • Manage your video ads alongside your desktop and mobile display ads in DFP Small Business
Make the most from every stream
Video ad serving is free up to 400K ad impressions a month. Until April 30th, we’re offering a free unlimited trial, so you can serve as many video ads as you want. After this trial offer has ended, impressions over 400K a month will be charged a nominal ad serving fee on a CPM basis.

We’d love to hear your opinions and feedback on these new features on our AdSense Google+ page, where you’ll also be able to discuss your thoughts and share best practices with other publishers.

If you’d like to start with DFP Small Business, sign up here. The new video functionality is automatically turned on for all current DFP Small Business publishers, so if you’re ready to start selling video ads, log in now!

Posted by Andrew Kuo, DFP Small Business video product specialist

Join us on Google+ for DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Small Business week!

We hosted our first DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Small Business Hangout On Air a couple months ago, and we heard you loud and clear - you want more tips and tricks to maximize your AdSense revenue through DFP Small Business. This week we’ll be hosting our first week dedicated to DFP Small Business performance suggestions, so if you’re not already following AdSense on Google+ there’s no better time to add us to your circles.

We'll cover a different topic each day so join in daily for a full introduction to DFP Small Business, or pick and choose the events most interesting to you. Ask any questions in the comments or live and we'll answer them daily at 11am PT (2pm ET) from a Hangout on Air hosted on our AdSense +page. Here's the full lineup:
  • Monday September, 17th: Should I be using DFP Small Business?
  • Tuesday September, 18th: Dynamic Allocation I: Enabling ad units for AdSense
  • Wednesday September, 19th: Dynamic Allocation II: Priority levels
  • Thursday September, 20th: Setting and calculating your CPM Rate
  • Friday September, 21st: Introduction to targeting
If you’re interested in joining our live Hangout On Air, visit our +page a little before 11am PT and look for the link. Looking forward to hanging out soon!

Posted by Jason Sanio - Inside AdSense team

Watch our latest Hangouts On Air to learn how to get started with DFP Small Business and Mobile

This past month we hosted two Hangouts on Air to help publishers get started with DFP Small Business and to create mobile websites using DudaMobile’s free mobile site builder. If you missed either Hangout, don’t worry -- we've included short recaps below, and you can watch the recordings at any time from our YouTube channel.

Getting started with DFP Small Business

If you’re thinking about using an ad server, just getting started using DFP or would like to learn some best practices you may have missed, then be sure to check out the video from our DFP Hangout.

In the video, DFP specialist Rishan first explains how an ad server works and the benefits it can provide to growing publishers. He then discusses orders, line items and your ad units, and the ideal way to set up each. Before closing, Rishan talks about the different ways to traffic direct ads versus other ad networks and enable dynamic allocation for non-guaranteed inventory.

Learning to build a mobile site

In our mobile Hangout, specialists from Google and our partner DudaMobile, work with Dan from ScienceDaily.com to build a mobile version of his website. You’ll learn about available resources and important questions to ask yourself when starting to ‘go mobile’ with your site and how to create mobile ads to monetize mobile traffic.

We hope you’ll join us for our future Hangouts -- be sure to stay connected with us by adding Google AdSense to your circles on Google+.

Posted by Jason Sanio - Inside AdSense Team

Become a DFP expert using our new DFP Academy

As your online advertising business continues to grow, you may have started working with other ad networks or doing deals directly with advertisers. DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Small Business is a free, Google-hosted solution to help streamline how ads are served on your site when you’re working with AdSense alongside other ad partners. With DFP Small Business, you have a vast array of features that give you more control over when, where, and how your ads serve.

Today we’re announcing the launch of DFP Academy, a step-by-step guide for getting started with DFP Small Business. DFP Academy explains how to organize the ad space available on your site, input the information about your advertisers into DFP Small Business, traffic ads from ad networks and direct advertisers, and leverage AdSense to maximize your overall revenue.

If you already have an active AdSense account, you can quickly sign up for your DFP Small Business account today. Your DFP Small Business account will be linked to your AdSense account, so be sure to use the same login information as you for do for AdSense.

As we continue to improve DFP Academy, we’d love to hear your feedback in the DFP Forum.

Check out DFP Academy now

Posted by Rishan Mohamed, Yield Management Specialist

Reminder: Join us at DoubleClick Insights on June 5th

Last week we announced that Neal Mohan, Google's VP of Display Advertising, will sit down with industry leaders to explore the explosive growth in ad technology and the next wave of innovation in ad tech. Tune in to the DoubleClick Insights event on June 5th via the live stream to hear leaders from top publishers, advertisers and agencies.
Please register for this virtual event by visiting the DoubleClick Insights Live Stream page.

Agenda items include:

Adapting to the Empowered Consumer - Neal Mohan, Vice President, Display Advertising at Google will be joined by David Kenny, Chairman & CEO, The Weather Channel Companies, and James Pitaro, Co-President, Disney Interactive Media Group, to discuss how technology is being used to deliver new content and advertising experiences to consumers.

If We Build It, Will They (Consumers) Come? Terry Kawaja, CEO and Co-Founder, Luma Partners (and creator of the now legendary LUMAscape chart) will lead a conversation about the ad tech ecosystem, and what it needs to do next to add value for agencies, publishers, marketers – and ultimately consumers. Terry will be joined onstage by:
  • Omar Tawokol, Chief Executive Officer, BlueKai
  • Greg Stuart, Global CEO of Mobile Marketing Association
  • Kurt Unkel, President, VivaKi 
  • Shishir Mehrota, Vice President of Product Management, YouTube
Outside the Box: Technology = Creative Friend or Foe? Technology is supposed to make the life of a marketer easier.  For our final conversation, we’re going to focus on the question of:  Is this technology exploring resulting in better marketing?  Or, is it just resulting in mediocre creative and complexity for both consumers and marketers?  Karim Temsamani, Vice President - New Products and Solutions, Google moderates the conversation with leaders from creative agencies, iconic brands and publishers including:
  • Brad Ruffkess, Global Connection, Coca-Cola
  • Mike Lowenstern, Managing Director of Digital Advertising, R/GA
  • Peter Minnium, Head of Digital Brand Initiatives, IAB 
  • John Caldwell, Chief Digital Officer, National Geographic
The live stream will start on June 5, 2012, at 9:00 am PDT, and you’ll be able to watch it from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. To learn more about our highlighted speakers go to the Speakers page on our site.

DoubleClick Insights
Tuesday, June 5th 2012
9:00am - 1:00pm PST
Set event reminder today

Following us on Google+ or Twitter? Use #dclkinsights as you're watching the event to ask questions or share comments during the event.

Posted by Stephen Kliff, DoubleClick Marketing

Mark your calendars for DoubleClick Insights on June 5th

As the digital media world continues to grow and diversify, we see unprecedented opportunity for both publishers and advertisers. AdSense publishers are an integral part of the display industry community -- so what does this mean for the future of buying and selling ads?

Tune in and watch Google's Neal Mohan, VP of Display Advertising, sit down with industry leaders to explore the digital ecosystem's swift evolution, and how publishers and advertisers can work better together to make the most of every opportunity, while simultaneously addressing the challenges both face.

The live stream will start on June 5th, 2012, at 9:00am PDT, and you’ll be able to watch from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Please register for this virtual event by visiting the DoubleClick Insights Live Stream page.

DoubleClick Insights
Tuesday, June 5th 2012
9:00am - 1:00pm PST

Following us on Google+ or Twitter? Use the #dclkinsights as you're watching the event.

Posted by Stephen Kliff, DoubleClick Marketing

Ad serving explained

As an AdSense publisher, you know that the ad revenue you’re earning from your site is important to maintaining and growing your online business. In addition to AdSense, are you also using other ad networks on your pages or selling some of your ad space directly to specific advertisers?

If so, you may have found that it can be time-consuming to determine and manage when and where your ads should show, in order for you to earn the most money possible. And if an advertiser has very specific requirements for their campaigns -- such as only appearing during a certain time of day or only to users located in a certain country -- it can be challenging to fulfill these types of requests.

That’s where an ad server like DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Small Business can help. An ad server helps you deliver ads to your pages, allowing you to manage ads from AdSense, multiple ad networks, and directly sold ads. Watch our introductory video below to learn more:

If you’ve started using multiple ad networks or have started receiving requests from advertisers to place their ads on your site directly, DFP Small Business is a great solution. Sign up for a free account, or visit our Help Center to learn more.

Posted by Arlene Lee - Inside AdSense Team

Join us for a webinar to learn the basics of DFP Small Business

Next week, our friends from the DFP Small Business team will be hosting a free online seminar to introduce AdSense publishers to DFP Small Business.

For those unfamiliar with DFP Small Business, it's Google’s free hosted ad serving solution that helps website publishers manage and grow their online advertising business. If you don’t currently have an account, learn more and sign up for free today by visiting the DFP Small Business website.

The webinar will provide you with an introduction to ad serving, a live demo of DFP Small Business, and best practices for setting up your ad inventory and trafficking an ad campaign.

Title: Getting started with DFP Small Business
Host: The DFP Small Business Team
Date and Time: Wednesday November 10 at 10AM GMT

Register here.

All publishers are welcome to attend the webinar, but please note the UK friendly start time of the session.

‘Tis the season for placement targeting: Market your site with DoubleClick Ad Planner

Last week, we introduced you to placement targeting as a great way to capitalize on the increase in advertiser spend during the holiday season. This week, we’re kicking off our three-part optimization series to help you maximize your earnings by taking advantage of DoubleClick Ad Planner. Ad Planner can help you market your site, make it easier for advertisers to search for you, and improve the data that these advertisers can see.

As you may recall from last week’s post, the first step to enabling placement-targeted ads to appear on your pages is to set up your custom channels as ad placements. Ad placements are specific groups of ad units where an advertiser can choose to place their ads using placement targeting. This enables advertisers to better identify websites that reach their target audiences based on the descriptions publishers provide about their sites, describing the content of their pages or the type of users who visit them. Turning custom channels into ad placements is simple. To learn more, check out our YouTube video and visit our Help Center.

Once you’ve set up your ad placements, we encourage you to try out DoubleClick Ad Planner, a free media planning tool that helps advertisers find the sites their audiences are likely to visit and helps publishers make their sites easier to target.

In Ad Planner, you can claim the sites you own and customize their descriptions. For each site, you can also add up to five categories that describe your site's content, and the types, sizes, and formats of ads that your site supports. Doing this allows advertisers to easily find ad placement descriptions that match the interests of their target audiences. More targeted ads leads to a better user experience on your site and a greater opportunity to increase your earnings. For more information on how to get started, watch this brief introduction to DoubleClick Ad Planner and sign up today.

Check back next week for more ‘tis the season for placement targeting tips!