Holiday gifts made by you, on YouTube

Whoever first said it’s better to give than to receive wasn’t on a budget. For those of you looking to give generously this holiday season without shaking every last cent out of that snowglobe penny bank you were stuck with at last year’s white elephant exchange, we have good news: lots of creators on YouTube are sharing DIY gifts and money saving ideas.

While socks are very useful, after several years of giving them as gifts you might want to try something new. Consider making coasters, a tablet case made from an old plaid shirt, a crochet beanie, or even some homemade BBQ sauce you can bottle up and just add a bow.

Looking for something a bit more decorative? From a ‘no sew’ clutch, to vintage teacup candles, or homemade earrings with a DIY earring holder, there are plenty of gifts you can give that require little to no crafting skills.

If you’re convinced your grumpy uncle is the Grinch in disguise, help him get into the holiday spirit by tantalizing his senses with a holiday favorite: peppermint. Try a delicious peppermint bark recipe, relaxing peppermint bath salts or even peppermint lip products.

Finally, try adding a little cheer to a gift you already have. Make a DIY wine bottle sock bag (also great for apple cider), add a homemade potholder or oven mitt to a basket of your favorite holiday cookies, or even give cash on a cool DIY money tree.

Happy Holidays!

Jessica Mason, Communications Associate, recently watched “Damon Claus for a Cause -”

Broadcasting tips beyond the turkey this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in the US might be focused on the food, but there are plenty of other ways to help make your holiday feast the best one yet. Did you spend most of your Thanksgiving prep time figuring out how to deep fry a turkey? Were you so focused on making gluten free stuffing that you forgot to get a centerpiece? We wanted to share some videos on YouTube to help you manage the details you may have neglected.

DIY decorations and centerpieces can save you money and a trip to the store. Check out some Thanksgiving day centerpieces and accent ideas:

Does your mother-in-law or crotchety cousin always point out that you have the fork and the spoon in the wrong place? Prove them wrong this year with table setting guides for basic, informal and formal dining, as well as fun napkin folding techniques, and more:

If you love all of the Thanksgiving merriment but dread the hours of clean up, then check out tips on how to load your dishwasher most effectively, scrub burn marks out of your pan, and properly store leftovers:

After all the napkins are washed, the dishes are cleaned, and the leftover turkey is tucked away, hopefully you’ve saved some time to remember what Thanksgiving is all about—singing about what you are thankful for:

Finally, wherever you are in the world, good food is universal. If you just can’t get past obsessing over the perfect turkey meal or winning the family pie tasting contest then check out plenty of delicious recipes from the YouTube Next Chefs.

Jessica Mason, Communications Associate, recently watched “Solar Thanksgiving Grid Free Turkey.”